Hi All

I'm new to photography - 3 years with a 40D
Even newer to analogue - 9 months with mostly a nikkormat EL

Well I'm in love. Both with the analogue medium and the experience/feeling/enjoyment when using these things from the past that are so beautifully built

I was about to start my journey towards a 5dmk11 and 'L' primes but think I will now go down the medium format/darkroom path. Using film will probably cost more and be less convenient but it is the only way I can get the opportunity to use these beautifully built cameras.

Given that, I'm on the hunt for a mamiya 6 RF or Rolleiflex TLR, or perhaps a leaf shuttered MF SLR.

Also, is there a mailing list for the next Adelaide film and darkroom user group meeting and/or for the next Adelaide Photographic Market?

Cheers Nathan

P.S. I'm needing to set-up from scratch, so if your wanting to conveniently offload you entire kit to upgrade to newer/more suitable gear I'm your man