Another member of this forum alerted me to this thread. I've been doing precision machined AI modifications for many years, successfully modifying hundreds of lenses for customers all over the world. Because I am new to this forum, the rules do not allow me to post a link, but if you google "Nikon AI modifications" you'll find my website. Unlike most camera repairmen who do this work by hand with files and Dremel tools and the like, I use a precision vertical milling machine for superior accuracy. Consequently, a significant part of my work is repairing previously "AI'd" lenses, including some done through the links previously posted in this forum. My modifications give Nikon non-AI lenses all the functionality of a Nikon AI conversion ring, including the "hog nose" meter pront, ADR numbers with white numbers on a black background and not draped over a meter prong foot, an EE tab, plus of course the fully functional AI indexing ridge. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions and thanks for this opportunity to post here.

William Sampson