Hi Mirko,

thank you very much for all your efforts and the promising news.
120 film converting and an improved Adotech II developer sounds good!

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Copex Rapid is a very good film as well but CMS 20 is by far superior in fine grain and detail contrast.
That is right.
Agfa Copex Rapid, developed in the dedicated SPUR Modular UR New developer, is far superior to CMS 20 in
- speed (real ISO 40; CMS 20 has only real ISO 6)
- usability for handheld photography without problems
- tonality (even better than most conventional films)
- better characteristic curve with excellent shadow detail and much better highlight separation
- dynamic range (14 stops)
- real panchromatic sensitisation
- flexibility, Agfa Copex Rapid is even excellent in reversal processing with increased speed.

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In respect to the obvious disaffirmation which some mainly US based photographers seem to have against a working and perfected imaging system containing a microfilm plus a dedicated developer I can comment that you are ofcourse free in your choice but the results will very probably be inferior.
The problem is that photographers use these US developers like Pota, TD-3 or diluted standard developers, which doesn't work properly with the current microfilms.
It's a kind of rape of the films.
These old formulas from Photographers Formulary are completely outdated.
By far the best stuff today are the SPUR developers, which are designed for the current Agfa microfilms.