A fellow apuggian generously sent me a box of Efke 8x10" 100 speed b&w film.

I'm intending to use it for making color separations, both in camera and under the enlarger. The thing of it is, I'm not able to find any filter factor recommendations.

Specifically, I'm going to use the hard-cutting wratten color sep filters, like 29, 47b and so forth.

Kodak has nice charts for Tmax and Tri-x showing the filter factors and the recommended color sep filters, but alas, I fear nothing will exist for Efke.

However, if you've got any suggestions or tips, I'm all ears. I was thinking to apply the Tri-x (320/400) recommendations on the assumption that these are both "old school" type emulsions. That's the extent of my brilliant ideas though...

Thanks in advance!

p.s. I suppose this could be of some use -> http://www.digitaltruth.com/products/efke.php