Received three GLORIOUS prints from Germany.

FIRST - I inspected the wording on the package, as I am like a child and excited with international packaging.
SECOND - I save the postage for my son's collection (he is like a child, too - err, wait, he is a child).
THIRD - GASP and oooh and ahhh over the three prints that are just gorgeous scenic masterpieces.
FOURTH - realize that I might disappoint my recipient with the crap that I'm churning out (in comparison to what I've received).
FIFTH - go out and immediately buy a square frame to proudly display my new international artwork.

I am so giddy!!!!

PS. I am not sure what username Mr. Pilz is, but would like someone to point him out to me so that I can stalk his work and ask him how to make such beautiful prints.