I didn't mean to sound nasty at all, but I do get a lot of "AI'd" lenses in that have problems. That's just a fact. One of the issues with some AI modification work, including John White's, is not relocating the meter prong so the foot faces forward and then trying to drape an ADR label over the foot of the prong. I machine the prong so that it has the correct light-admitting holes and then relocate it to face forward like an AI prong, thus allowing a clean space for ADR label, which is likely to last longer that way. Another problem is what I would call incomplete AI modifications that only cut a notch for the AI ridge, as advocated in Thomas Tomosy's Nikon repair book. I've also fixed a lot of chop jobs done at home following various instructions. I'd be willing to bet John White also does similar fixes. As it clearly states on my website, I don't do this as a full-time business. It's more of a service for folks who want to keep using that great old Nikkor glass on more modern cameras. And yes, my website needs lots of updating, but again, I'm not in it for the money, and the actual work takes priority over the website. I also hate to see great old Nikkors damaged by inadequate modfication efforts. Sorry if anyone took my original post in the wrong way. I was just trying to provide additional information.

William Sampson