Hi all. I've read a few past threads regarding the new Harman Direct Positive Paper and people's efforts toward controling the contrast of the paper. I, like many others here, have had good luck working with yellow (and similar colors) filters to control contrast when working with paper negatives produced using variable contrast papers but these techniques don't seem to work for everyone when using the new Harman DP paper since it is a fixed grade paper as opposed to a VC paper. Now, despite many people saying that the yellow filter trick doesn't work with this paper, I've seen examples shot through yellow and orange filters to do show an effect on contrast (assuming no flashing). I'm just curious to hear exactly what results people are getting (and maybe see some examples) by shooting the paper through various filters.

Also, since the paper is highly blue sensitive I would assume that shooting through a filter that changes the color of light hitting the paper would indeed have to have an effect on contrast and image rendering. I'm hoping that someone will be willing to take the time to explain how changing the color of light effects this paper and precisely why.

Thanks for the insight and I hope I'm not rehashing too much thats already been discussed. Thank you!