Oh yes, if you like that Maxxum 9, try a 7. It is a legendary camera among Minolta users (like you and I), and was the most advanced film camera ever made, except maybe, maybe the Nikon F6 which came out a decade later. For 150 at keh.com, you can pick up a mint one. Lightning fast autofocus, even more evolved than on the 9, a large LCD panel on the back that reads out things like depth of field at given aperature, a graphical histogram showing stops over/under metered exposure for each segment of the 16 sector meter, marking areas that will blow out with a + symbol, mid roll film change, full EXIF data on the last 7 rolls, that can be saved to a memory card, and on and on.... it is a wonder and joy to use, and much more advanced than the 9.
Oh ya, forgot to mention it had the industries first built in wireless flash controller, to control off camera flashes (think the 9 may have this too)