panf in stand development - panf is main variable. it is that contrasty compared to other films. even with stand dev - i've done it in rodinal and pyrocat m and you never get box speed for starters. rodinal at 1:100 will keep developing highlights till they block up with panf. i would start at rodinal 1:200 and test from there if you want the developer at the highlights to exhaust. you also run the risk of streaking in skies which can be remedied by intermitent agitation. i've currently pinned it in pyrocat m at 2ml:2ml:500ml ( using sod hydroxide as B bath ) with full inversions for the first minute then 5 every 5 min for 35min at ei 25. you get a long scale neg that handles many lighting situations ( i shoot roll film ) i shoot for diffusion.