I managed to pick up an 85mm f/1.8 Konica AR lens at a garage sale for $10 or so, but of course I don't have a Konica body to use it on. I've got Canon FD, Exakta, Nikon F, Contax SLR, and Pentax SM bodies, plus some I've probably forgotten.

My understanding is that there's no way to use the lens on a non-Konica body with a lens mount adapter, but that I must buy Konica body instead.

So I'm hoping someone who knows Konica much better than I do can recommend a particular model to purchase. While I'd like a built-in light meter, I do just fine with my handheld Polaris. I have adapters to replace mercury cells, so that's not a problem. I don't need auto wind, but some type of selectable auto exposure might be nice. It really doesn't matter a great deal what the specs are, but I do want a body that's likely to keep working. You know -- what's the "Nikon F" of the Konica SLR line?

Any suggestions?