Color correction for neutral is difficult at first. It really takes going through a ton of paper to get it right. A few more tips...

Your color reader won't help you but your kodak viewing filters will if you use them correctly.

Having a print viewing wall where you can tack or tape your test strips is a must. Write your color pack #'s on the test strips so you can see your progress as you move towards neutral.

By hand developing you're introducing many more variables than necessary. Oftentimes the difference between a neutral print and a biased print is a matter of a half point or less on your omega filter dial. A slight change in chemistry temperature, agitation, activity (accurate replenishment) or time could render these subtle color pack adjustments useless and drive you nuts in the process. For this reason I think it worthwhile to invest in a small roller transport machine. The fujimoto cp31 (up to 11" wide) or the cp51 are remarkably stable thereby capable of producing the kind of consistency in processing that you'll need to get into the finer aspects of color control. There's a super clean cp31 with a wash dry module and a replenishment module on ebay right now (no affiliation etc.) for $300 - dry to dry, totally worth it! It's local pickup only but perhaps you could convince the seller to drop it off at a mailbox etc. and have a third party pack it up for you. Each bath takes just 1800 ml. of chem, small footprint, runs on 110v. awesome electronics and just really simple to use - perfect for the home user.