Matt, that may be the understatement of the year. I actually found an engish only copy of the 60 CT-1 manual. That was about 5 hours ago and I saved it on another computer so I can't relay right now the location that I found that manual at.

I am testing this flash using my Mamiya 645 Pro with Illford 400 ASA B&W film so hopefully next week I will have film developed and in hand.

For those of you that don't know, I have been using the old Canon potato mashers from the 70's exclusively for anything I need big flash for. The 533G with it's 6AA self contained batteries and the 577G with it's 6 C celled battery pack (or 6 sub-C ni-cad pack) have served me well, but what a differnce with this Metz 60. It's like I am just toying around with it.....I did 10 rapid fire shots at around 10 feet and it never even seemed to need to stop and even recharge the capacitor.....never experienced that before.

I think I have the "Auto" thing down, that's seems pretty obvious, but some advice/techniques for manual and the winder modes is needed. The user manual seems like that you should already know everything about everything about Metz flashes before you buy or use one.....a couple of more words here and there certainly could have explained things better......

Bob E.