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Copex Rapid is a different film which for sure is the better choice if you try to replace PAN 25 as it performs among the microfilms the most like a regular film.
I completely agree. I have replaced Pan 25, Pan F+ and APX 25 with Agfa Copex Rapid and Spur Modular UR New developer.
Using is easy, like a conventional film, but with much better quality.

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But is canīt be compared to CMS 20 because it has grains of twice the size of CMS 20.
I know that because I use both films .
CMS 20 is an almost grainless film, it is really extreme.
In cases I need that or want that, and circumstances allow a tripod (for best tonality and shadow detail I expose the film with ISO 4 - 6 and with little reduced development time, that works best), then I take CMS 20.

In daily photography I prefer the more versatile ISO 40 Agfa Copex / Modular UR New combination.
And this combination is really fine grained, too. 16x20" prints from 35 mm are excellent.

Horses for courses.

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Also you are comparing the old CMS 20 plus ADOTECH I obviously.
The usability of the curve has been extended with the new ADOTECH II so some of your named differences will disappear or be less visible.
I have found the Spur Modular UR New with Part A2 for CMS 20 to be much better than the Adotech I.
But Modular UR New with Part A1 for Agfa Copex Rapid is even better, because you get more shadow detail as with CMS 20 and better highlight separation.

If I understand you right your new Adotech II is also made by Spur, so I guess it will deliver a similar performance like Spur Modular UR New with Part A2.That is good news.

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I wonder about your claim for sensitization. The sensitization of both films is very similar and I would not call Copex Rapid "real panchromatic".
I have compared both films in this respect, and there are visible differences:
Red is much darker with CMS 20 compared to Copex rapid.
Copex Rapid's red is as dark as the reds of Plus-X, Fp4+, Kentmere 100. No difference.
It really looks like all the other panchromatic films.
Whereas CMS 20 is orthopanchromatic.
Agfa says in the datasheet for Copex Rapid that this film is panchromatic.
From my experience Agfa is right with this description.

But in general it is not a big issue for me: I like both panchromatic and orthopanchromatic sensitisation.