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Have you tried the experiment with a scrap film in the tank, because the surface area of the film can have an effect on the temperature drop, and if you're doing a dummy run all the factors should be the same.
The fact that I ran my experiment with an open lid will distort the results a whole lot more than whether there is film inside the tank or not - and frankly I don't see any reason why surface area inside the tank should affect the temperature profile at all.

A lot of folks here posted comments about rotary processing, but this is a completely different animal as the quantity of soup is much lower. Of course such a setup will have a much more pronounced temperature drop over time, that's why good rotary processors have a water bath. My experiment provided good evidence that inversion tank processing maintains the temperature inside the tank quite well.

Personally I don't think that putting an inversion tank in some uncontrolled water bath is such a good idea: the temperature drop in that water bath will be much worse than the temperature drop in the tank itself without the water bath.