I ran into a guy who has several of these, and he wants them sold. I've always been interested in MF, but its never been an interest I've scratched. I need another camera I don't use like I need holes in my head. nevertheless...I'm tempted. Hoping you'll talk me out of it.

From an hour of googling I gather these are quite solid (and heavy) well respected cameras. But I'm not sure why I'd want one except to save on film, because its about the size and weight of my Wista 45sp. So tell me why should I want one...what are they good for, what do they suck at. One of them had a 127mm, cant recall what the other lens was, and he may have additional lenses.

I think he'd sell them for a great price, but I dont know what that is. As point of reference he sold me a monorail Cambo 4x5 with 150mm Caltar for $100, which I gather is about 1/2-1/3 what most other people ask. I offered him $100, having no clue what they are worth and fully expecting him to decline. He did.