I love mine and run more film thru it than my 6x6 and 645 cameras. It's plus size but easy to learn to drive. Two things are especially nice: the huge, bright focus screen that's jawdropping with the WLF and mag flipped up; and the revolving back that twists quickly between portrait and landscape while mass of the body stays stationary. Bellows focusing lets you get close without tubes or macro lenses. If you get one, study an online manual, especially for exposure comp at various distances.

I'd get the newest body you can find, a clean Pro S is kind of a minimum. With those and Pro S or Pro SD backs, you get the face-saving double-exposure lock-outs the ancient Pro bodies and backs lack. "C" lenses are what you want; K/L lenses have updated optics and coatings identical to the RZ lenses.

They're still fairly cheap, though I'd not shy from building a kit up piece by piece. There are lots on the market but that also includes bodies, lenses and backs that are utterly smoked. Be picky and be patient. The big negatives are addictive.