I'm looking at this mostly as an opportunity to invest in my photographic future, for when I get older and weaker and silver gets even more expensive. So if I can't get a steal of deal, I wont buy, because I really dont have much free cash. I didnt need the monorail 4x5, I just couldn't pass it up for $100. I was not in the market for MF either, I just stumbled into this guy by chance. So if I cant buy for much less than going price, I wont. I'm still an LF guy, for now. I haven't used a developing tank in 30 years, lol. But maybe I could be switched over, if I had one...

Are prices on these going up or down? I would think down...but if they are going up that would make my decision to buy now easier.

I'm not sure if they are Pros or Pro S. They are owned by a pro who used them professionally. They looked older so they are unlikely to be SD

I like what I hear about the closeup possibilities. :-)

I do all of my shooting in natural light though, and my eyesight isnt getting any better lol so I don't know how the slow lenses are going to work. Hmm. just looked at their specs and I think they are faster than most or all of what I use now! I am going back to look at them and a bunch of other equipment the guy has next week, and I cant test them out a bit then.