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Only 1, that I saw, shooting film. Me.
I live in Denver, which gets a respectable tourist traffic both Summer and Winter. People around here don't seem to bat an eye at the tourists with the bulbous dslrs and big zooms. But let me walk around with a battered F and a 28 and they notice. I'm not imagining it. Maybe they have a 35mm at home and just don't know "if it still works", or where to get the film developed. Maybe, seeing me shooting what they recognize as a film camera and not a dslr makes them uneasy, as if they think I know something they don't and maybe they shouldn't have dumped everything for their dslr or 5MP phone. It's weird. I sometimes feel sorry for them, all the Nikkormats and SRT 101s and Spotmatics, and even the Petris, that went to Goodwill or into the landfill.