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I'm looking at this mostly as an opportunity to invest in my photographic future, for when I get older and weaker and silver gets even more expensive.....I do all of my shooting in natural light though, and my eyesight isn't getting any better lol so I don't know how the slow lenses are going to work.
I never met a Mamiya that I didn't love and the RB67 is no exception. It is, to my mind, the most pragmatic, most versatile medium format system available.

I have to say though...your thinking is faulty. If your eyesight is failing (as mine is), you will find the "tiny" and usually dim ground glass difficult to use effectively (when viewed through the standard wlf). I've actually had to move UP in format to compensate for eyes. I now shoot mainly (rangefinder focused)4x5 and 8x10. Even the 4x5 ground glass is getting difficult - have to use reading glasses.

Also, as you have already correctly recognized, the RB67 is about the same weight as your 4x5 field camera....and, it isn't particularly useful hand held either - yes, it can be hand held but....you're gonna want at least a monopod....what I'm getting at is that is has no real advantage over a 4x5 field camera...for us in the "over 40...pushing 50" crowd.

I'd have to advise you to pass...or buy and resell, or, encourage your friend to sell them here at reasonable prices....I have no hidden agenda. I dumped all of my RB kit years ago and will not be buying anymore - it just doesn't work for me anymore.