I certainly dont think smaller is better for my eyes...But silver is expensive and gets shot less and less in my 8x10 especially and I dont see it coming down again in my lifetime, nor do I see my income going up. Plus the idea of just needing a camera and tripod is attractive-I might actually shoot more, i rarely bring my LF gear on trips anymore. I doubt if I will be TOO impressed when I look into the viewfinder the first time, coming from 8x10 and 4x5. But my eyesight isnt that bad yet-I have pretty normal eyes for my age, eg it aint getting better at 51. I'll have to look and see what I see. Mostly this is a GAS urge that I can succeed at resisting unless he will sell me one of them for say $150...then I doubt if I could pass it up. But ether way I won't be selling my LF gear until I'm incontinent.