Hi to all,
the FX-D is not the same as the FX-70. The FX-D is more "advanced". Here you have a shutter dial, which is not available at the FX-70.
The FX-D is similiar to the Contax 139 and was released 1980. The FX-70 is a kind of "light" version of the FX-D. It is easier to handle and in my opinion a good choice for startes in the SLR world.
The FX-3 is a bit older from 1979. The FX-3 doesn't need any batteries and works fine with without though an exposure check.
My oldest Baby is an FX-2 from 1976 - very heavy but it is still in a fine working condition.
I love my yashicas and I wouldn't sell them.
Here my "collection".
FX-7 (actually a pimped FX-3)
FX-70 Quartz (belongs to my wife)
FX-109 (fancy thing)
200 AF (my favourite)
230 AF (has some AF Problems)
If anybody wants to know more,pls let me know.