Just bought a Yashica FR1 off *bay for 10, Apparently it was the Yashica equivalent of the Contax RTS, and it is built like it, too. One fault, and the only fault is that the film speed dial is stuck, and cannot be turned. It is stuck at ASA/ISO-80, one below the 100 ASA/ISO mark. But I have learned, and been advised that I can use it with a handheld exposure meter. Set the aperture and speed as the meter advises, and ignore the reading of the FR1's viewfinder. Or use the exposure compensation dial to adjust. I will also compare the FR1's readings with other cameras I have, to see how much difference there is.
It is the first Yashica I have owned, but will go with my 2 x Contaxes and lenses.
If anyone has any suggestions for easing/releasing the ISO dial(without removing the top plate, etc.) I would be pleased to hear.