Go for one, Wayne. I bought a RB67 3 years back, and having more money than sense, I followed that up by buying an RZ67. They are beautiful cameras. Very solid, and if you can find one which has been owned 'privately' rather than by a professional, then it should last you until doomsday. I have used mine 'handheld' but it takes getting used to the image in the viewfinder being the 'wrong' way.When you should move the lens to the left, you tend to go to the right, and vice versa. But having said that, when I have it on a tripod, that conflict does not seem to crop up. Still using various 35mm cameras, but med format is something different. The Mamiyas- RB and RZ were in the region of 1600-2000 when new, for about one fifth of that price now, you cannot go wrong.