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How many VHS tapes do you know that skip, stall, and generally stop working? Besides getting eaten (which is usually to blame on the machine), they're a far more robust media than DVD and yet no one seems to recall this or care. Record a show on SP quality and you won't believe it's VHS.

The problem is, this kind of talk out of my mouth immediately gets stamped LUDDITE, NOSTALGIA FREAK, etc. I feel like I'm just being practical...
As a person who still uses minidiscs for a large part of my classical music collection, I sometimes get a similar kind of comment! When you think about it, these people are actually been damned rude! How would they feel if their choice of car, clothes or latest-trendy-gadgets was criticised?

My step-daughter recently bought a BMW and someone said to her "Oh, you've joined the *****ers who drive BMW's". Quick as a flash, she replied "Well, you don't have to drive a BMW to be a *****er!". Smart girl.

(Sorry, getting OT)