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I feel a similar sadness (though signficantly less) when people are rushing to get rid of their VCR's and all their VHS tapes, like my parents. I mean, transferring family memories to DVD and who knows how many actually keep the original tapes (I've convinced my parents to). How many VHS tapes do you know that skip, stall, and generally stop working? Besides getting eaten (which is usually to blame on the machine), they're a far more robust media than DVD and yet no one seems to recall this or care.
I've had much better luck with disks than tape. Tape is very flimsy and fragile. It stretches, wears out, accumulates magnetic defects, can be erased by kids magnets, crinkles, gets jammed up by dirty capstan rollers. Good riddance to cassette tapes and VHS.

Once you get video images converted to digital, then they can be copied and backed up as many times as you want, inexpensively. Terabyte external disk drives are inexpensive and very cost effective. You can store an average family's collection of homemade video on one with very little trouble. Then make two extra copies, and keep one offsite in case of fire, flood, or burglary.