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I feel a similar sadness (though signficantly less) when people are rushing to get rid of their VCR's and all their VHS tapes, like my parents. I mean, transferring family memories to DVD and who knows how many actually keep the original tapes (I've convinced my parents to).

How many VHS tapes do you know that skip, stall, and generally stop working? Besides getting eaten (which is usually to blame on the machine), they're a far more robust media than DVD and yet no one seems to recall this or care. Record a show on SP quality and you won't believe it's VHS.

The problem is, this kind of talk out of my mouth immediately gets stamped LUDDITE, NOSTALGIA FREAK, etc. I feel like I'm just being practical...
There used to be a used shop here called AAF Photographica. I wandered in there occasionally and one day found a stack of 8mm film cans labeled, e.g., "honeymoon-NYstreet-53". They were all full. A dollar a piece or the stack for $10. I passed. (What a dolt I was, and I own an 8mm projector.) I hope their VHS tapes -> DVDs held up for the grandkids.