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Unless you work for free,.... then buy a used one from ebay or the like. between $50 and $100. .
I do work for free as this is just a hobby and I don't want to spend any $ if I don't have to. I think $50 is not likely unless I get real lucky. I would guess that over $500 is more to be expected for a useable unit.

JHannon - I am glad to hear that it has been useful for you but I am also wondering what you are using the reversed lense for as the book doesn't mention anything about it. Either a later edition of the book has more info or you came up with your own adaptation. Either way I am interested in what you did.
Bob, this is just a hobby for me too. The part about using reversed mounted lens (I believe) is in the 4th edition of the BTZS book. Phil talks about another used that did this. I guess the lens element he describes in the plans is no longer available. I loaned out my copy so I can't give you the page number, but it is in the edition I bought new about 1 year ago.

Since the lightmeter sits on a stand, you need to add a magnifier to get that close. Some people also use a series of +1,+2 lens filters to get the proper distance. You also need a way to baffle the light to a small spot. I use a rear lens cap with a hole drilled in it. I am just too lazy to build the stand so I hand hold it. The 35mm lens has a 49mm thread and the meter has a 40.5mm thread, so I bought a 49mm to 40.5mm adapter then a 49mm to 49mm coupler I think it is called a reversing coupler.

I hope this helps please email me if you have any questions.

I would love to own a real one but the Ebay scene is too dangerous for me.