Each set of chemicals has it's own capacity so consulting the literature for the maker and the specific formulation you are using is important.

There's the normal Kodak Flexicolor, Kodak SM, the one's you mentioned, plus Trebla has a couple variants, one of which I use.

Most C41 film is developed in replenished systems, not one shot and toss, and done at exactly 3:15, so capacity has a tolerance based on that exact time. Tetanol and Photo Formulary adjust the time for extra rolls, that changes the capacity.

Look for "replenishment rate" in the Kodak (or Trebla) info.

Replenished I'm under a buck a roll and it's not tough once you learn it, basically just pour off a bit of the used stuff after each run to make room then add "x" ml per roll of fresh chemicals to top up for the next run.