I use the Nikon F70/N70 and here are some of the things I like about it:

1. Works well with auto focus lenses.
2. Works well with my inventory of older AI Nikon lenses (from 18mm to 1000mm)
3. Works with my 28mm f/4 perspective control lens even though the instruction manual says it does not
4. Uses same motor drive cable release as F2
5. Uses same motor drive cable connection for Quantum Radio Slave II as F2
6. Very quiet built-in motor drive
7. Small size (compared to the F4 or the motorized F2)
8. Reasonably priced (if needed, it can replaced it for less than $100 on eBay)
9. Auto and manual exposure feature
10. Auto and manual focus feature
11. Electronic focusing aid
12. Built-in flash with flash coverage for 28mm lens
13. Seems to be durable and dependable
14. Auto bracketing feature
15. Exposure meter compensation feature
16. Spot, center-weighted, and matrix exposure meter options
17. Three custom settings that are user controlled
18. Ability to change size of auto focus area
19. Provides rear curtain flash sync with any flash unit