I will be in Ireland in two weeks. Never been there, always wanted to go. I will be flying to Dublin for five days (well, 4 and a half after catching up with time zones) and will be free to spend maybe a day or day and a half out of the city.

Two questions:

1) I enjoy photographing people, urban scenes, and landscapes. I'm not great at archtecture but old, wise buildings can be pretty cool. Where are my best bets to find these things?

2) Thinking of taking the LF camera or a P67. Given the amount of time I will be there and the fact that I have never been there before, should I lean toward one or the other?

3) BONUS QUESTION for Extra Credit: Do people drive on the 'wrong' side of the road in Ireland?

Thanks for whatever you can offer.

PS Les...I will have a very fancy pants Dublin restraunt at my disposal if you ever happen to find yourself over there....