ic-racer, Very interesting post re your Yashica FX3, but not for the faint hearted, like me.
However, I wonder if you have a basic suggestion for a fault on a Yashica FR1, which I have just bought. The film speed dial is locked at ASA/ISO 80[1 mark below the ISO 100 point]. The exposure compensation dial is still working and adjust the viewfinder readings when I alter the compensation.
The camera appears to have been stored and unused for quite a time. Would 1-2 drops of lighter fuel, or clear alcohol, dropped into the film speed dial, help to free it ? Apart from that the camera is in exceptional condition, and everything else seems OK.
If it cannot be freed then I can still use the camera with a hand exposure meter, rely on those readings, set them on the camera, and ignore the readings in the viewfinder.
Hope you can come up with a solution for me.