Quick sanity check question: what color should the "Part C" concentrate look like when it is poured from the bottle into the measuring cylinder? Mine is pretty darn opaque / purple, and I am afraid that it has gone bad, but I want to confirm first before assuming the worst. I mainly use this stuff one-shot when developing 120 film in a Jobo tank, and I have to say I have not had good results at all (and I'm comparing against the true Fuji 3 bath kit that one can get from macodirect, which gave me superb results throughout its 5L lifetime). My most recent run of three films (in a 3 reel tank @ 330ml of working solution) produced horrible contrasty images, bordering on overexposed. I want to try and narrow down the culprit, and I believe it is either the Part C or possibly I didn't measure temp precisely enough before starting. Everything else in my process I know I hit spot on as before.

Thanks for the help in advance,