Marc beat me to the punch in there was really great work sent in. I want to say it is a pleasure organising this as it means I am fortunate to see the work from everyone.

As the groups finished up a little smaller than anticipated all of us will have had at least one print returned, and those of you that received two prints back it is because you had included a print for the organiser (for which I am truly grateful) but I ended up participating in both groups after offering help out Bob Walberg.

I will comment after the prints have had time to make their way back to everyone.

Group One: Each have 5 different prints
1. Barrie B.
2. munz6869
3. SMBooth
4. Oxleyroad
5. SteveR
6. Hoffy

Group Two: Each have 4 different prints
1. Oxleyroad
2. Kevin Caulfield
3. Michael W
4. tomalophicon
5. Andrew K

Let the comments flow on.