Daleeman announced his travelling to RGSP this fall and a date was decided upon. The thread has been in the Great Lakes Group but I thought more interest might be raised here in the general forums.

So far Lee and I (amongst APUGers) are planning on going. For those familiar, we are planning on descending the Falls Trail on Saturday the 15th. For those who are not familiar, RGSP is located about 45 minutes west of Wilkes-Barre PA on PA118. This weekend also looks to coincide with fall colors, as close as anyone can guess. And the flowing water. Should be an awesome trip.

Here is the link to the park's site. Ricketts Glen State Park

There is a local small hotel nearby. Ricketts Glen Hotel

There are a couple of places to rest your crown in the nearby town of Benton.

The park has camping. The cabins are already taken. And there is a sharp elevation into the park from 118 (18% grade on 487 over the course of only two miles), about a 1400 elevation increase, IIRC. So, though the noghts might be bearable down low, it will be rather on the cold side up in the park.

So, Lee has a partner attending, that's three of us. Would anyone else like to join in the fun?