With the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few shots on 35mm E100G. The building is the contrastiest scene I could find among my E100G photos. It has detail from the shadowed trees to the brightest highlights. The portrait is my fiance who has red/auburn hair and complexion to match.

I threw in the close up of the flower as a "punchy color photo." Not E100VS or Velvia, but for sunny days I prefer this sort of rendition. In dull or overcast lighting I might prefer something more saturated for subject matter like this.

Both these are from Kodak Photo CD, nothing special, and no manipulation done other than shrinking the resolution.

It CAN look blue in open shade. So can any film as open shade IS blue. Our eyes compensate for it, and we print it out from negatives, and can just as easily print it out of transparencies if we make Ilfochrome or inkjet prints, but don't seem to accept it as readily when we see it on the positive original.