You must be using LORR or LORR LU

Regular Flexicolor has a higher replenishment rate than 32mL.. it depends on the film.

Z-131 specifies some replenishment rates.. Portra 160/400 and Ektar sheets specify their own.

Kodak CIS-49 specifies amounts you need to mix up for replenisher and tank solution in smaller quantitues

Flexicolor LORR is $46 for 10L worth here.

That has replenishment capacity of around 285-400 rolls depending on replenishment rate of the film. (for LORR)

I use a 1.5L solution that I replenish from, so you'd have a bit more than 8.5L worth to replenish with, which at that rate would go 242 to 350 films before running out of replenisher. (for LORR)

The developer inexpensive, the bleach a bit more expensive. Still economical.

Regular flexicolor has about half the capacity of LORR (replenishment rate is about twice as much iirc).