I for one would be interested in a step by step guideline as you see it on colour Carbon, I have been following this thread with interest and also been privately talking about making film with others.
But you seem to be holding on to this like a dog with a bone and would love to see how you would approach making a colour carbon print , in a perfect setting.
What would you need, where do you see the pitfalls , what is easy and so forth.
FYI I am proceeding with duotone , tri tone and tritone with a black using film I have made myself on the Lambda and when I have made a few prints that I like I will post them.. At this point I am not aiming for full realistic colour like Todd G and John B but rather a less realistic version.

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Well modern might be a stretch, but Luis Nadeau has several books from the 80's that are quite comprehensive. Particularly the 'History of Carbon Proceses' (IIRC) discusses carbro, carbon and color. It's considered 'the bible' by many and it's still completely relevant.

There are several other books that have good reputations, but as far as digital negatives and that kind of thing, no one has covered anything that modern.

So that being said, it's a case of taking from many sources what you need to know and creating your own workflow. Everything has been covered, but not in one place.