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Hey all,
Anyway... now I am waiting for the opal lamp holder I ordered from Jens at Durst Pro so I can convert the head into a standard condender (albeit a really snazzy one with coated condensers and a coated mirror!). The opal lamp holder costs LESS than a new point light source BULB!
I'd be interested in the manual to the Varipoint. I have the kit for my 900 and my idea is to try to convert a Osram 58.8107 (12v/100w) to fit the E27. Its got a BA21s3 socket see http://www.donsbulbs.com/cgi-bin/r/b.pl/58.8107.html--- forget Don's exorbatant price, I've just linked to his page to show the bulb. The Osram bulb seems very similar except than that it uses bayonet. The filament is anyway what matters and their is a lot of room to move the socket around--- I got a few sockets and they look not too significantly different from the standard one for the Opal bulb.. Why could one not use them--- other than maybe needing in North America to change the plug?

I've not gotten around to writing Durst but since you've already scanned.. it... Please...

May email: edz@bsn.com