I used a 1600 speed Fuji film about 5 years ago once, and the results were just awful. Can't remember what the name of the film was, but it was at my HS graduation. I might try something like TMAX 3200 @ 1600, or see how Portra 800 and BW400CN push. The thing is that actual B&W film IMO doesn't look good anywhere outside the darkroom. They scan terribly most of the time, and the BW400CN is much better in that dept when on a Frontier or Noritsu.

It's just that in the past, to be able to balance flash and ambient, i've been in situations where I was at f/1.4 and ISO 6400 on my D700. It would be tough to do that using film.

Anywho, here's a couple more shots from the other day!