I'm not a pro, but you guys really seem to know what you're typing about, so i thought I'd try my luck.

I'm stuck in Norway, where pricing for prints and frames is absolutely, positively insane. I was twice quoted more than $3000 for 10 frames with fitting for basic posters. I come from australia, where you can drop a zero on that price and still get top notch, dry mounted prints in quality, custom frames.

So now I've got to do it myself, or find an online dry mounting service, hence the request for advice. I have several pictures and posters, of various thickness and size. Some as thin as magazine paper and A4, others on high quality card and 2m x 2m.

I absolutely positively hate the look of a rolled poster flattened out and popped into a standard frame with matte. Wrinkles are a certainty with this approach, and every time the light hits them the wrinkles are clearly evident. I want a perfectly smooth result, and days of reading has led me to believe that dry mounting is what I'm looking for.

The questions:
  • Is it dry mounting I'm after, or am I misinformed?
  • Is there a DIY alternative that produces similar results? (I don't care about archiving - if it looks good for 10 years I'm happy)
  • Can anyone recommend a european based mounting service I could send my prints to? Framing them locally in standard frames is no problem once they are mounted.

Thank you!