Hi Bob,

I can't find his recommendations; what does he recommend? The impression that Nadeau gives is that the watercolor CMY set is a bit of a compromise; more historical than technical. That's not to say of course that it's incapable of beautiful pictures.

This set listed above (save perhaps for the yellow azo 155), as far as I know, is the best set available today. Keep in mind, I'd love to be wrong and shown a better set. But I know for a fact that the quinacridone 122 is used in UltraStable and Tod Gangler's tissues and I suspect the phtalo blue 15:3 is too. They are highly transparent, light-fast and approximate the ideal minus-red, minus-green & minus-blue complementary colors.

Interestingly enough, Liquitex acrylic Ink! has an ideal CMY set in their catalog. The pigments are listed on the back and they're the same ones from above. I'm curious though if the acrylic nature would make them unsuitable for carbon tissues? It'd be a relatively expensive way to get the pigments though.