Well, I just subscribed to the magazine because Steve is absolutely right. If we are comitted to this artform, and are determined to see it's existence continue, then sacrifices have to be made (some of them financially). 26 dollars a year is easily acceptable to me. It would be a real blow for us to loose this fine magazine dedicated to our medium. I'll be looking into subscribing to Black and White Photography as well. For those living overseas the subscription is more costly so.... Since I am in New Zealand I set my subscribtion as a 'gift' which will be sent to my parents in the US, who will then mail it to me. I'm sure a few members in the US will volunteer to distribute some issues to our members overseas. So if any international folks want to do this to offset international subscription costs, post in this forum and a member in the US will hopefully contact you for arrangements.

Steve will also help us get the APUG name out there in various ways, more on that later.

I'd also like to see some type of 'traditional photography ring' being developed. Where companies, magazines, websites dedicated to the medium can come together. Then people can support the companies in this ring by using their products or services. It shouldn't be hard to do this, the only factor is finding the time. If any members are interested in taking something like that on let me know.

Thanks Steve. We appreciate this great offer and your honesty.