I forgot to say that I am using Contax RTSII and Rolleiflex SL35E for 35mm; Mamiya c330f for MF. And I have a nice Exacta 2b.
I am having very good staisfaction using Rolleiflex SL35E with M42 lenses using the dedicated Rollei Adapter: my Flektogon-Planar-Sonnar combination with that camera is so good.
BUT, Now I want to have the possibility to shot only using a needle at maximum on a camera that may be full mechanical. I read that F2 was produced using something like 1500 pieces, 600 more than a F. They tried to produce the execellence on mechanical technology, and maybe this is what I am seraching for.
Anyway, Spotmatic should be a nice cheaper solution but I am still on F2A I think.....
Another question..... F2 F2A F2AS F2S F2SB are always the same body using a different prism?
Thank you again for your explanations, I am enjoying it