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Remember this is "our" event, "our" being the gang that has come before and those in the future who wish to associate with like minded people. If it no longer serves that purpose, please give some input as to what will make it "our" event. It is physically based here, but it only works if people make it happen. That is what is so beautiful about the show and tell. Each person shows something new, collected or printed, their ideas, their ability, and talk about where they want their work to go.

Speak up. Write in what you would like and how it can come together. Take the initiative. Wait for the other person and it will be a long wait, if it happens at all.

Well, if you could clear my hubby's schedule (or at least let me know what it is sooner than the Army does) it would go a long way towards me knowing if I can make it.
As usual, I'm really hoping I can make it, but that will be right around the time he'll be wheels up for "somewhere." I might be flying to TX to see him off. We'll see. I really need to do some shooting. I shot two sheets of Delta 100 and 4 of HP5 last time and I haven't shot anymore since to develop them with. I'll have the rugrat with me if I do make it.