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Hi all,
I want to buy another camera.... Again the Last one.....
I want to buy a strong reliable camera to take shoot with for many and many time.
My choice is going to Nikon F2A (with DP-11) and not F2AS (with DP-12) cause the first uses needle and not leds.
I want to shoot with a rellay mechanical jewel, can you give me any other suggestion?
My budget is 300 max, Every suggestion is welcome.
Thanks in advance
The last one . . . for now . . .

These are the mostly mechanicals that I own and they have been proven over the years to have a robust build quality. There are a few with aperture priority auto exposure (Autoreflex T, ES II, K2, LX, new F-1 & FM3A) but they have most of their shutter speeds available when the battery is exhausted. The FM3A of course is the only one with all of the shutter speeds available even then.

Full size image link -> Mostly mechanical

The OM-1, MX and LX are most definitely jewel like but they give no quarter to their weightier brethren.

Some of these were slightly over or near your limit but most were well below. It all depends on the condition. If you're not resigned to Nikon then there are a few great choices available to you.