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You know about Fuji 1600 right? It can take a full stop plus of under exposure and still look good when processed normally.

Not being rude, just trying to keep you on the straight and narrow. I'm a Kodak shooter, but right tool for the job and all that.

Portra 800 does very well pushed. The characteristic curves for 1600 and 3200 push are in the data sheet.

Ideally you'd light a low light situation, not always possible of course. The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 from what I got to play with on a 5DII is stellar wide open, it'd be great on film.

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I used a 1600 speed Fuji film about 5 years ago once, and the results were just awful. Can't remember what the name of the film was, but it was at my HS graduation. I might try something like TMAX 3200 @ 1600, or see how Portra 800 and BW400CN push. The thing is that actual B&W film IMO doesn't look good anywhere outside the darkroom. They scan terribly most of the time, and the BW400CN is much better in that dept when on a Frontier or Noritsu.

It's just that in the past, to be able to balance flash and ambient, i've been in situations where I was at f/1.4 and ISO 6400 on my D700. It would be tough to do that using film.

I find it all scans excellent, it is honestly up to the user in that department, though hardware does let you down in the detail department unless using an expensive scanner.

Yeah I don't think you'll match the ISO 6400 performance of the 5DII or D700 etc, but given the curve published for Portra 800 in a 2 stop push, it is pretty promising.

Porta 800 should push better than 400. Portra 400 however is simply the best versatile/all rounder.

Portra 400 response:

Portra 800 response:

Vision3 500T response:

Superia 1600 response: