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While a significant amount of highlight compression does take place, in fact there is typically less overall compensation than one might expect, so one should not necessarily use it strictly for that purpose. Stand development is not the same as controlled contraction or compensating development and should not be considered a substitute for those techniques,
Simply untrue, in fact Semi Stand and reduced agitation development regimes can effect a greater impression of contrast expansion in low contrast scenes as well as controlling extreme amounts of contrast like no other technique I have ever encountered. For years prior to Semi Stand I regularly made photographs in extreme amounts of contrast so I have considerable experience in all means to control and effect contrast.

A bit out of character but I doubt many have ever been able to control and maximize tonal control with the success I have enjoyed with the Semi-Stand technique of film development.

I've said it before, make no mistake, SS and Reduced Agitation Dev. will maximize film speed, maximize mid tone contrast all while compressing highlight contrast. As with any unusual technique, considerable trial and error and real world experience are the keys to repeatability.

See this link for an informed discussion by some notable photogs about the process and it's possibilities. http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/2...vie-photo.html