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I'm starting to think about the best way to get my prints to Blurb for a book.

Does anyone have experience with what kind of paper is good to use?

I want to use fibre, but does it make a difference whether it's glossy or matte?
Or is RC better?

I'm using a V500. Will this be suitable.

And I can only scan up to 8x10 inch. Should Is scan the biggest sheet I can, or scan 5x7 inch to save enlarging. I'm thinking of a smallish book.

Thanks, I will be experimenting on my own, but have usually just used the scanner to share pics online.

when i was doing newspaper work they always asked for rc glossies for reproduction
but i these days it doesn't matters that much. glossy rc is really reflective,
but just the same i haven't noticed a difference in what i make in to 0's and 1's

as for blurp
just scan deep fix to make it look like your print. and then rz down to whatever it is their program asks for.

make sure you save it the way they ask otherwise it will not look right ...

have fun !