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...no production front wheel drive was ever as powerful as the 66 Toro - 385HP.
Not until 1970; the Eldo came with 400/550 hp/torque, respectively.

But horsepower ratings back then were largely fluff anyhow, as they were gross ratings taken off of the cranks. (They also didn't give much of a hint at actual acceleration capabilities, since they did not factor in the weight of the automobiles, or the gearing. Those 375 horsepower Oldses and Eldos would probably have trouble getting from 0-60 in under 10 seconds unless in the hands of a skilled driver.) When the U.S. auto industry stopped using gross horsepower ratings in the 1970's, the rated horsepower of those 7 and 8 L engines, which had already dropped below 250 due to compression reduction (i.e. smog controls), went down to below 200 due to factoring in the enormous drivetrain losses of the day. That's right: under 200 hp from over 8 L of displacement. They got less power than a modern high-end Honda while displacing over four times as much volume.

My point is that in order to make that statement, the gross hp rating really needs to be converted to net hp, and compared to all the high-performance front wheel drive cars that have come out in the past 20 years. My guess would be that the 385 hp would be closer to 300, in which case several modern fwd autos have it beat.

BYW, have fun at the meet. Show those fools what's up.