Hi Peter, yes things have been quite around here for a while, hopefully it's because people are out and about taking photos. I had a go at lumen printing myself using old paper that I had lying around. I am very pleased with the results but I feel that I'm unable to show them here, because they come into their own when I adjusted the levels in PSP after scanning. You can see some examples of my effords on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/33090198@N02/
I've submitted some prints to the FADU exhibition for September. I used the ART 300 paper to print some of the shots and I'm really excited with it. I'm looking forward to our print showing when it's arranged. I see Sergey is making quite an impression on the Gallery with his Croke Patrick shots.
Your workshop in the Burren was announced at the DCC meeting last week, hope you get a few takers from it.

It would be nice to hear from other people just to know that they are still around.

You were right about that exhibition 'Out of the Dark Room' at the IMMA. I found the work stunning and as you said it is a must to go visit and it is open until early October.